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Producer's Letter:Bless Online's Early Access!

28 May, 2018 5:00 PM


As Bless Online’s Advanced Access has officially begun, our players can now enjoy the game on our live servers! I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks for all your enthusiasm for Bless Online.


I’d also like to give a special thanks to our Emissaries and community for their role in improving Bless by actively providing feedback regarding the game! I am very happy to be able to further discuss the future development of Bless with our community as well.  


We have plans for Bless that go from Early Access all the way up to and beyond the official release. However, we first plan to collect extensive feedback and bug reports during Early Access so that we can improve the Bless experience for the full release. We expect to continually improve the game for several more months while working together with the community.


Please refer to the following information on Bless Online’s Early Access!

For the last several months, we were very busy preparing for Bless Online’s Steam Early Access as the new combat system, business model, and Early Access content were announced. Our focus was on presenting new content as well as improving the combat system by redesigning it and related aspects. Why, you might ask? Well, because the combat system is both the first thing our players encounter and the basis of much of the exciting content including dungeons, battlefields, raids, PVP, and RVR.


We were also able to learn a lot from listening to our players, such as how to improve Bless Online’s business model and what we can do to ensure an equal gameplay experience. We included many of your suggestions in the Early Access build, and in order to create a healthy and successful Bless, we will continue to listen to our player’s opinions and look for ways to resolve any concerns that arise both during and after Early Access.


Please refer to the following section for more information on the type of content that players can experience during Early access. During Early Access, there will be both English (text and voice overs) and German (text only) localization, but while the English is almost done, we will be continuing to add to and improve the German throughout EA. We aim to provide content update patches at least once a month (or even more frequently) during Early Access in addition to regular localization updates. We will be eagerly awaiting the community opinion on all aspects. However, as we want to make sure the start of Early Access goes as smoothly as possible, we plan to first monitor the stability of the situation and then adjust and extend the content update schedule accordingly.


Spec Note v1.0.0 EA (link)


In commemoration of Early Access, a world event is currently underway! Please refer to the event schedule and beginner’s guide below to start preparing for your adventure in Bless!


World Event - Schedule and Details (link)

Official Wiki - Beginner’s Guide (link)

Early Access will begin at 10AM PDT (7PM CEST) on Wednesday, May 30, but those who purchased Founder’s Packs will be able to enjoy the game starting today from 10AM PDT (7PM CEST) on Monday, May 28.


Depending on each region’s server activity we will be be monitoring and opening the servers in consecutive order to maintain a pleasant environment. The number of servers may also increase or decrease depending on the situation.


  • NA Servers
    • Live servers open on 10AM PDT on Wednesday, May 30
  • EU Servers
    • Live servers open on 7PM CEST on Wednesday, May 30


To access the game, players need to purchase either a Founder’s Pack or the base game, or be a recipient of a game code. After adding Bless to their library, players will then need to make sure that the game client is installed.  

Founder’s Pack Purchase Information (link)


Once they begin the game, players will need to choose their region (NA or EU and language (English or German) n order to connect to the game. Content, event opening times, and items registered on the market will differ depending on the region. Please note that game information will only be shared between servers of the same region.


It is very possible for some things to not go as smoothly as planned during the start of Early Access, as many things are not finalized. We are aware that our players may encounter things such as bugs and localization issues, and more as they play.


During the the start of Early Access, we will be examining parts of the infrastructure (game authentication, client distribution, game servers etc.) that was prepared specifically for NA and EU service while we work towards providing an optimum service environment.

Our players’ feedback during Early Access is especially important and will affect what the final version of the game will be like. Therefore, please report any problems or suggestions to us.  


We have also established a new customer support system to go with Early Access. Although we will continue to monitor our players’ feedback through Discord, Twitter, Facebook and our Steam discussions page, players can expect problems encountered in-game (bugs, related problems etc.) to be efficiently and promptly dealt with if they contact our exclusive customer support team through the link below instead.


Send Feedback (link)


While Bless is not in its final form, we believe it is an engaging and enjoyable game that we hope you enjoy during Early Access. While you are playing, please always keep in mind that it is still evolving, and your feedback can help shape Bless for its final release! To paraphrase, “This isn’t even our final form!”


My sincerest thanks to all who will be helping us improve the game during Early Access.


Early Access is only the beginning, and a variety of features and content will be updated in the future. We plan to provide content updates every month, with a large-scale update every 3 months.

Our players can except the following content in future updates:

  • New classes
  • New dungeons
  • New battlefields
  • World events
  • Field bosses and raids
  • Improved guild systems
  • New hunting grounds, quests, and character growth areas


Besides the main features above, almost all of our updates will include smaller new features and bug fixes in addition to gameplay balance adjustments.


I hope to see you all in Bless Online!


※ You can communicate with other Bless fans in our Steam community!



Sungjin Ko, Executive Producer


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