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Information on Bless Online Founder’s Pack

28 May, 2018 5:00 PM

With the start of Bless Online’s Early Access on May 30th, 3 different Founder’s Pack DLC will be available for sale starting May 28th at 10:00 (PDT), 17:00 (UTC).

All the Founder’s Packs include the base game and a 2 day head start on it on May 28th.

We will also be providing a guide which includes an explanation on each DLC, as well as the items they each include and useful information for all those players who have been waiting for Bless Online!
Make sure to keep reading if you want to experience the magical world of Bless Online!

You can purchase the Founder’s Pack DLC through the links below!


The Standard Edition was made for players who want to play Bless Online and get DLC contents at an affordable price, and includes the following contents::
(Make sure to read the detailed information on each item at the end of this post!)

  • Advanced Access (Bless Online game + access to Bless 2 days prior to Early Access)
  • Premium Membership (30 days)


The Deluxe Edition was made for players who want to get a more special and convenient Bless experience, and includes the following contents:
(Make sure to read the detailed information on each item at the end of this post!)

  • Advanced Access (Bless Online game + access to Bless 2 days prior to Early Access)
  • Premium Membership (60 days)
  • Lumena (2,450)
  • Exclusive Mount Skin (Frosty White Regulus)
  • Exclusive Pet Skin (Frosty White Ningo)


The Collector’s Edition was made for players who want to keep a close eye on how the game continues to grow. It also ensures a wide range of exclusive benefits (such as credit titles) to players who want to contribute to Bless Online’s development.
The Collector’s Edition includes the following contents:
(Make sure to read the detailed information on each item at the end of this post!)

  • Advanced Access (Bless Online game + access to Bless 2 days prior to Early Access)
  • Credits Title “The Founder”
  • Game Code (One gift copy of Bless Online)
  • Premium Membership (90 days)
  • Lumena (3,800)
  • Exclusive Costume Skin (Frozen Glacialis Costume)
  • Exclusive Weapon Skin (The Glacialis Weapon skin)
  • Exclusive Mount Skin (Frosty White Regulus)
  • Exclusive Pet Skin (Frosty White Ningo)
  • Twinkling Wing effect

Have you decided on a specific Founder’s Pack?
No worries, you can find a detailed explanation on each item below to help you make up your mind!

  • Advanced Access 
    You can start playing Bless 2 days before Early Access starts! Everyone who purchases DLCs can get a head start on the Bless adventure on May 28th!
    Don’t miss out on the DLCs if you wanna experience the world of Bless before every else!
  • Credits Title “The Founder” (Included only in Collector’s Edition!)
    Through Credits title, your name will be added to Neowiz Bless Studios’ credits list as a member of “The Founder”. You can check your name by clicking on the “credit” button on the Bless main screen when Bless Online is officially released.
  • Game Code (Included only in Collector’s Edition!)
    You’ll get a Bless Online game code that you can later give to one friend.
  • Premium Membership
    Users who obtain Premium Membership will get premium mount and pet skins, in-game items, in-game buffs, and other special perks. Each DLC offers benefits for a specific period of time depending on the type of Founder’s Pack (30, 60 or 90 days). 
    The premium membership’s time-limited buff effects will be applied to each region, therefore all characters created in a single region will be able to enjoy the same buff effects.

    These benefits include:
    • Premium mount skin (Black Wind Caligo) 
    • Premium pet skin (Enchanting Loroshi)
    • Reduces NPC equipment repair fee by 30%
    • Reduces Wyvern usage fee by 50%
      You can explore the world of Bless by paying a fee to any of the Wyvern handlers found in each city and town and riding a Wyvern.
    • Pickaxe
      Unlimited Pickaxe uses, an in-game item needed for Mining.
    • Gathering Bag
      Unlimited Gathering Bag uses, an in-game item needed for Gathering. 
    • Adds 20% more Hunting experience points
    • Acquires 20% more Dungeon points
    • Adds 20% hunting gold bonus
    • Allows 5 more items to be registered on the market
    • Reduces market tax by 10%
    • Increases daily activity point exchange amount by 20%
      You may exchange your daily obtained amount of Dungeon Points and Combat Points for in-game currency or Lumenas.
  • Lumena
    Lumena is in-game currency that can be obtained when playing Bless contents.
  • Exclusive Costume and Weapon Skins (Included only in Collector’s Edition!)
    The Frozen Glacialis costume and the Glacialis Weapon skins make the character stand out even from Level 1.
    These premium costumes and skins offered as part of the Founder’s Pack won’t be available at the Lumena store later on nor obtainable as DLCs or through future events.
  • Exclusive Costume and Weapon Skins
    Make the monsters you tamed look cooler and more colorful with the Frosty White Regulus and Frosty Wind Ningo skins, available when purchasing the Deluxe and Collector’s Edition.
    These premium costumes and skins offered as part of the Founder’s Pack won’t be available at the Lumena store later on nor obtainable as DLCs or through future events.
  • Twinkling Wing Effect (Included only in Collector’s Edition!)
    When triggered, this effect makes your character stand out by giving them twinkling wings for five seconds. This Twinkling Wing effect can be used continuously but has a cool-down time.


To apply purchased DLC products in-game, please follow the steps below:

  1. Access Bless and choose the character that will receive the DLC products.
  2. Open your account inbox.
  3. The In-Game Buff set, one of the Premium Membership benefits, will be applied to your account immediately once you accept it from your account inbox.
  4. Items will be bundled in one package, and automatically sent to your character’s mailbox upon receipt.
  5. Once you accept the items in your mailbox, the item will automatically be added to the inventory of the character you used to accept the item.
    If it is an expiring item, the item’s remaining usage time will start counting down once you open the item’s packaging in your inventory.



  • There is no product that allows users to upgrade or downgrade between DLCs. Meaning a founder’s pack standard edition cannot be upgraded to a deluxe edition, nor can a collector’s edition cannot be downgraded to a standard edition etc., Therefore please purchase the correct DLC product!
  • Receiving temporary in-game items (Pickaxe, Gathering Bag) when purchasing DLC in a character’s inventory and purchasing additional identical items won’t duplicate the items’ limited usage time. These items will be consumed at the same time. 
    The buff effect obtained through premium membership will be combined if an extra identical buff effect is applied.
  • The mount and pet skins available with the Deluxe and Collector’s Edition can be seen after applying the skins to already summoned mount or pets. You won’t be able to see the skins on unsummoned mounts or pets. Characters can attempt to tame monsters after learning how to tame monsters naturally as they level up and after creating a Taming scroll or purchasing it on the market.
  • The Credits title available with the Collector’s Edition will be available with the other Collector’s Edition items when the player logs into Bless Online for the first time after Advanced Access. The character’s information will be added to the credits list on Bless Online’s official release date.
  • The Bless Online gift copy available with the Collector’s Edition will be sent to your Steam inventory, and cannot be sent to players located in countries where Bless Online is not available through the Steam Platform.
  • The Exclusive Weapon Skin (Glacialis Weapon skin) available with the Collector’s Edition will be given to the character as a weapon that corresponds to their specific class.


Thank you,

The Bless Team


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