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Power Level Up Promotion

6 Nov, 2018 5:10 AM

After the November 7th maintenance, an even more rewarding level up promotion will begin.
Enjoy Bless as you grow your character with the Support Boxes that are provided at intervals from level 1 to level 50

Event Period: from November 7 (after maintenance) until later notice

How to participate:

  1. Special Currency Shop -> purchase a Support Box from the “Other” category with 1 Lumena

    - To assist our players in buying a Support Box, we are providing 200 Lumena as the reward for day 1 of the November Login Event.

    - The amount of Support Boxes a player may purchase is limited to 1 per server. 
  2. Players will obtain a variety of items as they reach the required levels. 
    - If you have already passed the required levels before the box was purchased, you can open them up until your current level.


  • The Level 45 Support Box that is currently available in the Special Currency shop will be removed during the November 7th maintenance. 
  • Support Boxes owned by a player are maintained even after the event period is over.
  • The Level 5 Support Box is included inside the Level 1 Support Box. Support Boxes for later levels are also provided to players in this way.
  • Current players may open the Support Boxes as long as level requirements are met.
  • Your support box items will be retained after the event period.

Event Reward List:

[Lv1] Support Box

  • Weapon Support Box [Level 1]

    (obtain a rare grade weapon suitable for your class)
    (can be used from level 1)
  • Normal Taming Order (10)
  • Pickaxe (1 Hour) (5)
  • Gathering Bag (1 Hour) (5)

[Lv5] Support Box

  • [Food] Mint Chocolate Cake (5)
  • [Food] Saffron Coq au Vin (5)
  • [Food] Chili Meatloa (5)
  • [Food] Chili Pudding (5)

[Lv10] Support Box

  • [Mount] Ferocious Wolf (1)

    - Level 10 rare mount
    - Skill: Increases movement speed (Intermediate)
    - Increases mount movement speed by 20%
  • [Pet] Curious Forest Fairy (1)

    - Level 10 rare pet
    - Skill: Giant Growth (Intermediate)
    - Increases EXP gained by hunting by 76.1%

[Lv15] Support Box

  • Magic Mount Anima (30)

[Lv20] Support Box

  • Piece of Ymir's Horn (17)

[Lv25] Support Box

  • Piece of Ymir's Skin (50)
  • Grease (1)

[Lv30] Support Box

  • Piece of Ymir's Horn (100)
  • Piece of Ymir's Skin (100)

[Lv35] Support Box

  • Companion Growth Potion (3 Hour) (10)
  • High-Level Taming Scroll (10)
  • Nutrition Refreshment for Mount (1 Hour) (5)
  • Nutrition Refreshment for Pet (1 Hour) (5)
  • Dwarven Magic Hammer (1 Hour) (5)
  • Golden Ratio Magic Powder (1 Hour) (5)
  • Max Durability Repair Tool (10)
  • Additional Dungeon Point Reward Token (1 Hour) (10)
  • Peace Pledge (10)
  • Rare Lucky Spirit Ches (20)
  • Holy Water (10)

[Lv37] Support Box

  • Armor Support Box [Level 37]

    Obtain all armor suitable for your class

[Lv40] Support Box

  • Popochita Lucky Coin : 10 Gold 
    Can be sold for Gold at stores.

[Lv42] Support Box

  • 30 Sapphire

[Lv44] Support Box

  • 30 Sapphire

[Lv46] Support Box

  • 30 Sapphire

[Lv48] Support Box

  • 50 Sapphire
  • 200 Rose Stone
  • 100 Beryl

[Lv50] Support Box

  • 100 Sapphire
  • 350 Rose Stone
  • 230 Beryl

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