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Emissary Program Overview

20 Apr, 2018 5:44 PM

Hello everyone!


We are looking for Emissaries who are willing to collaborate with the Bless Team!

In order to both improve the Bless experience and strengthen the community around it, the Bless Team is looking to recruit members who will play an active role in the growth of Bless Online.


Not only will you work directly alongside the Bless Team members, but you’ll also be the first one to hear about all the exciting Bless related news!

Applicants will be able to choose to apply for one of two different roles, successful applicants will be notified individually by email.


***Special Notice***
The "fail" message appears when the text in the field "Why are you interested in becoming a Bless Emissary?" exceeds 1000 characters INCLUDING spaces.

Please be careful not to exceed the character limit. 
We will include this info in the application form soon.



Creators are players who can commit to a steady streaming and uploading schedule and who have a passion for MMORPG games. Ideally, players applying as streamers should have over 200 Twitch followers or over 1,000 YouTube subscribers.

Creators (including streamers, video/fan art/fanfiction creators etc.), must upload new content at least twice a month. Worried about not meeting the follower or subscriber count?

No worries! The suggested number is just a “preferred” qualification. What really matters is your commitment to the Bless Online community!


Community Leader:

Community Leaders are players who will have an active role in the Bless community by providing feedback to the Bless Team, suggesting and organizing events, monitoring new content, or managing the Wiki page- all while working closely with the Bless Team. Community Leaders will play an important role in the improvement of Bless and in making its community even more awesome!

<Special Benefits>

So what are the perks of becoming an Emissary?

Well, there are many! They include:

- Advanced notice of future major updates & exclusive access to a test server

- Direct communication channel with the Bless Team

- Opportunity to join special online and offline events

- Emissary exclusive banners & special in-game costume and tag

- Exclusive channel for Emissaries on Bless website homepage

- Promotion of Emissary content on our official channels

- Support for on-air giveaway items and holding community events

Emissary Program FAQ

We have also prepared what we hope is a comprehensive list of questions you might be curious about.



Q: What is the Bless Online Emissary Program?

A: The Bless Online Emissary Program is a community initiative for partnering passionate fans with Bless Online to help spread enthusiasm and awareness!

Emissaries will have special benefits including direct communication with the Bless Team and support and promotion of their activities.


Q: Who should apply?

A: Anyone who wants to be actively involved in contributing to the experience of Bless Online and strengthening the community around it!


Q: What will Emissaries be doing?

A: Emissaries will give feedback on the improvement of the game and work with us in streaming, creating videos and art, and leading the community.


Q: Will Emissaries get special benefits?

A: Yes! Benefits will include:

- Advance notice of future updates

- Internal closed test server access!

- A direct communication channel with the Bless Team

- The opportunity to join special online and offline events

- Exclusive banners and special in-game tags

- Promotion on the official Bless Online website and official social channels

- Support for giveaways and community events


Q: Will you provide free steam keys to selected Emissaries?

A: No. Since we'd like Emissaries who are really interested in Bless Online to know the game better than other players do, they will need to purchase it themselves.


Q: How do I apply?

A: Fill out this form here(link) and submit!


Q: Will I receive an email confirmation of my application?

A: No, but there will be a pop-up message confirming that your application has been received after you submit your application.

Please understand that we will only contact selected applicants.


Q: How long will it take to hear back after I’ve applied?
    Did you review my application?

A: The selected Emissaries in the first round will start their activities from May, slightly before early access begins. So the final list of Emissaries will be determined in May, and before that we will carefully review every application and select the final members after careful consideration.

However, please also understand that we will only contact those who are selected.


Q: Is there a deadline for applying to the Bless Emissary Program?

A: Nope! There will be an internal deadline for selecting Emissaries, but even if you apply after a certain date, we will keep you in the list for the next Emissary recruitment round if we think you are a good fit!


Q: I have questions, need assistance, or made a mistake on my application. Who should I talk to?

A: You should talk to one of our Community Managers! You can find them through the official Bless Online Twitter, Facebook, Discord, or Steam.



Q: What are the requirements for being an Emissary?

A: For the Creator role, the preferred qualifications are:

  • Have over 200 Twitch followers or over 1000 YouTube subscribers

  • Stream/upload more than 2 times per week

For the Community Leader role, the preferred qualifications are:

  • Interest in community leadership

  • Passion for MMORPGs


However, these are just preferred qualifications.

Many factors are taken into account when considering applications for the Emissary Program, so don’t be discouraged from applying even if you don’t meet all the preferred qualifications!


Q: I create videos on YouTube, but I don’t livestream.
    Am I still qualified to apply for the Bless Emissary Program?

A: Yes!


Q: I don’t have many followers/subscribers on Twitch/YouTube. Can I still apply?

A: Yes! While our preferred qualifications include having over 200 Twitch followers or over 1000 YouTube subscribers, your follower number is just one of many factors we take into consideration when looking at applications.


Q: I haven’t streamed/created content for Bless Online before. Can I still apply?

A: Yes!


Q: I don’t have a channel yet, but I want to start one with Bless Online as my focus. Can I become an Emissary?

A: Absolutely!


Q: I make art/write/do another awesome thing for Bless. Am I still qualified to apply for the Emissary Program?

A: Yes!


Q: I don’t create content, but I still am passionate about Bless and would like to apply. What roles are there for me?

A: The Emissary Program isn’t just for content creators! The Community Leader role in the Emissary Program is for passionate folks who want help with things such as moderating, giving feedback, running community events, and more!


Q: Do I have to be able to speak or write English to be considered?

A: We prefer English speaking candidates, however English doesn’t have to be your native language.


Q: Do I have to be from a certain country to be considered?

A: Nope!


Q: Do I have to be a “hardcore” player to be considered?

A: No! All skill levels are welcomed in the Emissary Program.

What matters is your passion for Bless!


Q: Do I need to have previous moderating/streaming/content creating experience to apply?

A: While previous experience will be helpful for your application, it is not required!


Q: I run a Discord/Facebook page/Gaming site/Forum, can I become an Emissary?

A: Yes!


Q: Will I automatically be accepted as a Bless Emissary if I meet or exceed the preferred qualifications?

A: No, there are other factors that are considered with an application, including passion for Bless, leadership, community engagement, and more.


Q: I applied previously and wasn’t accepted, but my channel/skill/experience has grown. Can I apply again and be reconsidered?

A: Of course! Showing us your growth can just be a way of showing you’re passionate about Bless!


Q: I’m partnered with my content creation platform or am a Twitch affiliate, will I automatically be selected as an Emissary?

A: No, there are other factors that are considered with an application, including passion for Bless, leadership, community engagement, and more.


Q: The content I create involves more than one person. Should we apply for the Emissary Program together?

A: Yes, but make sure to include all the details of your group members in your application.



Q: What are some things that Emissaries will be expected to do?

A: There are many different things, depending on the role and activities that the individual Emissary chooses to participate in!

  • Maintain a steady streaming/uploading schedule (for Creators)

  • Help make the community an awesome and friendly place (for everyone!)

  • Find important issues to elevate to the Bless Team

  • Share bugs and feedback with the Bless Team

  • Suggest and hold awesome community events

  • Update, check, and edit the Bless wiki

  • Help moderate a variety of Bless spaces


Q: Are there things that I can’t do as an Emissary? Can I lose my Emissary status?

A: There are certain things that will violate the Emissary agreement and will result in a dismissal from the Emissary Program, including:

  • Disclosing confidential information of any kind

  • Displaying inappropriate content or behavior or failing to be a good community leader

  • Abusing Emissary authority such as being unfair to other players, or seeking personal gain

  • Divulging or sharing other players’ information

  • Violating any other part of the Emissary agreement

  • Failing to maintain the requirements for Emissaries


Q: I want to be an Emissary, but I’m worried I won’t have enough time. What are the time commitment expectations for Emissaries?

A: We are not going to count the hours of your Emissary activities. What is most important to us is steady participation! We also take into account what each person is able to do with their time.


Q: Will Emissaries get to participate in the closed internal testing prior to the EA launch on Steam?

A: It’s not decided yet.


Q: What if I see an Emissary violating the rules or behaving inappropriately? What should I do?

A: You should send a ticket to the support center or report it directly to a Bless Team member through one of the official communication channels such as Discord, Twitter, or Facebook.


You can sign up for the Emissary Program at any time, so don’t hesitate to apply!

You can also find more details on our Emissary page.


[Apply Now]


We look forward to seeing all of your awesome applications!

The Bless Team


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Preferred Qualifications
  • Over 200 Twitch followers, or over 1,000 YouTube subscribers
  • Stream/upload more than 2 times per week
  • Passion for MMORPGs
Basic information
Main channel

Feel free to enter your Twitch channel URL, your YouTube channel URL, or both!

Why are you interested in becoming a Bless Emissary?

※ Please include the number of hours streamed or the number of videos uploaded to your Youtube channel in the last month.

Optional Fields

※ Your introduction video may be used to promote the Bless Emissary program if you are selected for the program.

Privacy Policy

Emissary Rules of Conduct



Preferred Qualifications
  • Interest in community leadership
  • Passion for MMORPGs
Basic information
Why are you interested in becoming a Bless Emissary?

※ Please include your Steam ID & Discord ID which will be used for your Emissary activities.

Optional Fields

※ Your introduction video may be used to promote the Bless Emissary program if you are selected for the program.

Privacy Policy

Emissary Rules of Conduct